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Horse Boots

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The DAVIS Horse Boot, also known as the medicine or poultice boot is proud to be the ORIGINAL Horse Boot to the industry. If your horse needs some TLC, the ORIGINAL Horse Boot is the only boot to use for a variety of applications where treatment or protection is needed. DAVIS Horse Boots can be used for soaking, poulticing and conditioning. Keep the hoof clean and dry or use the Horse Boot for direct application of medicine to treat abscesses, thrush, puncture wounds and other foot conditions. Using this boot will also relieve pressure when signs of bruising, corns or cankers appear. This boot ensures extreme durability due to the triple-layered non-slip bottom, made of a tough polyvinyl compound and is durable enough even for use on a shod horse.  WHEN SIZING, PLEASE MEASURE HEEL TO TOE AND SIDE TO SIDE AT THE WIDEST AREA OF THE HOOF AND PURCHASE A BOOT AT LEAST 1/2" WIDER THAN HOOF SIZE TO ALLOW ROOM FOR MEDICATING AND BANDAGES.


        Horse Boot Dimensions-Inside Measurements

Size                 Width Inches     Width cm              Length Inches         Length cm

00                    3 3/4"                9.5 cm                  4 1/4"                      10.8 cm

0                      4 1/2"                11.4 cm                5"                            12.7 cm

1                      5 1/4"                 13.3 cm               5 5/8"                       14.3 cm

2                      5 5/8"                 14.3 cm               6 1/8"                       15.6 cm

3                      6 1/4"                  15.9 cm              7"                             17.8 cm

4                      7 1/4"                  18.4 cm              7 3/4"                        19.7 cm

5                      8"                        20.3 cm             8 1/2"                         21.6 cm

6                      9 1/2"                  24.1 cm              9 1/2"                        24.1 cm


(Be sure to measure hoof *** as sizing is not the same as your shoe size!)

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Satisfied Customer!!!
"I love the fact that they interact with us all the time and that they provide quality products to us as well. I have used their protective bell and splint boots for years and I am very impressed with the longevity! I started a high school equestrian team some years back and for our drill team we used your splint and bell boots (sparkly silver), drill can be very hard on equipment and yours lasted years for 8 various drill horses! Again the longevity factor! Thanks to such a great team!!!!!

-Debi Kubik